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Big Fish Audio Releases Click and Electro Magnetic Pulse


Big Fish Audio has two new releases, Click ($99.95) and ElectroMagnetic Pulse ($99.95). Click, designed for fans of glitch-styleworks, is a 2-CD set that offers audio, WAV, and Acidized files.Described by the manufacturer as "the sound of the digital error," thefiles in Click are categorized under Beats & Clicks, CinematicClicks, Jazz Clicks, Lo-Fi Clicks, Sci-Fi Clicks, Vox Clicks, and soforth. The tempo range is from 80 to 146 bpm.

Electro Magnetic Pulse is a 3-disc set featuring audio, REX, and WAVfiles. Producers Perry Geyer and Pirahna recorded this collection of"21st century, schizoid loops and FX." The collection includes"Electro, Big Beat, Nu Skool Breaks, Mad House, hard, menacing beats;huge drums; filtered basses; panned out tweaks and morphing,annihilating, hallucinogenic loops."

Some of the sample names are evocative of the mood of the disc:Altered State Loop, Alternating Current Loop, Damaged Generator FX, MadHouse Loop, Nanobot Loop, Sensory Deprivation Loop, Weapons of MassDistortion Loop, and so on. The tempo range is from 68 to 140 bpm.

To read reviews of other Big Fish Audio titles, visit the EM archivesand type Big Fish into the search engine.

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