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KRK Updates KRK10 Subwoofer


KRK Systems has released an updated version of its 10-inch recording subwoofer. The new KRK10s ($399) features an industrial design to match the company's RokitG2 and VXT monitors, as well as updated electronics and bass reinforcement.

The KRK10s has a curved front that reduces diffraction. According to the manufacturer, the KRK10s is a good addition to other active or passive monitor setups because of its integrated, adjustable crossover and back-panel connection options.

Updated electronics include a ground-lift switch for combating less than optimal electrical and audio grounding, and a bypass footswitch that lets the subwoofer and crossover be enabled and disabled easily. The bypass footswitch allows you to switch a mix from stereo or 2.1/5.1 sound environments.  In addition, the KRK10s offers improved amplifier heat sinking, resulting in lower distortion at high power levels and a low noise floor.

Furthermore, the unit features KRK''s yellow-cone, 10-inch, high excursion glass-aramid woofer. The voicing has been slightly improved for better mix clarity and precision, and the front-firing port reduces wall coupling and port turbulence.

The KRK10s replaces the existing RP10s subwoofer. To learn more, visit

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