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Steinberg Announces Cubase Essential 4.5 Update


Cubase Essential 4 box

Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH has posted a new update for Cubase Essential 4.

The 4.5 update adds new features to the music production system, such as support for the company's MR816 CSX/X Advanced Integration DSP Studios and CC121 Advanced Integration Controller, and support for the new VST Sound format.

In addition, Cubase Essential 4.5 supports the Yamaha Motif XS series and the KX USB Music Studio series; it is also fully compatible with Sequel 2 music creation and performance software and the new Rock, Hip Hop, Industrial, Elektro and Funky Content Sets.

Current Cubase Essential 4 owners may download the update at Steinberg's Web site. To learn more, please visit

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