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JZ Microphones Introduces New BT-201 Microphone


BT-201 microphone

JZ Microphones has introduced a new set of BT-201 microphones to be sold with a cardioid capsule only. This new set of BT-201($515) will be presented at MusikMesse 2009 in Frankfurt, Germany.

According to the manufacturer, the primary benefits of the BT-201 include an all-metal body, low self-noise, smooth and transparent highs, and a natural low-end response. Users have the option of adding other capsules (open cardioid, omnidirectional, or open cardioid with pad) that can be changed easily based on magnet connection. Like previous models, this microphone comes with a five-year warranty from the date of purchase.

The cardioid-only mic will be available for $515; the addition of an open cardioid or omni capsule will cost an extra $105; an additional capsule with -20 dB open cardioid options will be an extra $130; and an optional shockmount JZI-7 will be available for $104.

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