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EM Web Clips for March 2003


15 Years Ago in EM:

Here is the Time Shifting Table from March 1988 issue (p. 24).

Master Class: "Sweet Fruit, Strange Fruit"

Listen to MP3s, and download proprietary Fruityloop song files:
Beepmap tones mp3 | fruityloop file
Chopped mp3 | fruityloop file
Controller mp3 | fruityloop file
Controller 2 mp3 | fruityloop file
One Sample mp3 | fruityloop file
Random Layer mp3 | fruityloop file
Shuffle mp3 | fruityloop file
Arturia Storm 2.0 Review:

MP3 example for the Quick Pick review on p. 144: WizDub MP3

Cover Story: "Virtual Workstations" MP3s

Remod: An eight bar drum-and-bass loop played using ten different ReBirth Mods.

Malfeasance: A short clip featuring Reason's new Malström and NN-XT sound generators.

JazzWiz: A clip from a song created with the help of Storm's JazzFunk Wizard.

TeraFirma: A three track pattern sequence featuring VirSyn Tera's formant-shifting Spectrum Oscillator.

DragDrum: A basic acoustic drum and physical-modeled bass loop illustrating Orion's tempo modulation.

FruitSpeak: Fruityloops' speech synthesizer is used to create four parts in different voice-styles.

Steinberg Plex Review MP3s

Example 1 (ReZound): A Plex vocal Preset followed by five modifications made by moving the following Sound-Palette components: Top, Base, Filter, Top and Base, All.

Example 2 (RhythMorph): The first pass illustrates four Presets from Plex's RhythmCity Instrument. The second pass uses the same four Presets with the rhythm elements of the first.

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