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PowerFX Vocaloid Big Al


Big Al was developed using the latest Vocaloid 2 software from Yamaha. Users can type in words or lyrics, select a melody and hear the results "sung" back. Included tools and effects allow for improvement or manipulation of the results. Big Al can sing up to 16 times simultaneously.

Big Al´s vocals come from a real singer who was recorded extensively, enabling PowerFX to create a comprehensive library of his vocal sounds. Vocaloid software users type in words and assign melodies or import MIDI files to Big Al. He then emulates the words and notes given to him. Expressive effects, vibrato and dynamics can also be added to his singing from the Vocaloid editor.

The Big Al/Vocaloid package includes a stand-alone version with export to WAV functionality, real-time VSTi performance and ReWire connectivity. It is available as a download for $149 or $179 for the DVD.

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