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Open Labs Ships OpenSynth neKo64


Open Labs has begun shipping the OpenSynth neKo64 open-platform keyboard workstation, which combines an AMD Opteron-based PC, with a touch screen, four controller pods, and a keyboard.

The neKo64 is equipped with a dual AMD Opteron processor running at 64-bits, and either a 61-note or 76-note keyboard. The I/O offers 10 inputs and outputs. The entry-level model will not include the optional 15-inch LCD touch screen, but will include built-in video support for an external monitor. Software bundled with the instrument includes Tascam GigaStudio 32, SonicSynth with Sample Tank LE, Traction, Orion Pro, Karsyn, and over 40 VST and VSTi plug-ins.

Open Labs will offer custom configured versions of its workstations directly from its Web site. Preconfigured versions and upgrade components will be available from its authorized dealers. For more information, visit the Open Labs Web site. (

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