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EM Links for May, 2002


May 2002

Cover Story: Sequencing with Style
   Pedal Steel (p.50)  Over TheRainbow (p. 54)

EM WebPage: Download of theMonth

Desktop Musician: CreatingFlash Soundtracks

drumjam.swf: Thisrhythm-based Flash soundtrack uses different meters to createvariety.

70slounge.swf:This Flash soundtrack illustrates a different style of loop mix thatalternates between a Bb and an Ab tonality.

70slounge.mid:Your original MIDI file should have separate tracks for the loops andtheir volume changes. This is the MIDI file that the author used whencreating 70slounge.swf. You can import this MIDI file into mostsequencers; don't forget to loop each instrument track separately (notthe volume tracks) before playback.

70slounge.fla:Open this file in the Flash authoring program to see how theauthor set up the sync sound, loop tracks, and volumetracks.

Review: OhmForce    Predatom.mp3    Ohmboys.mp3

Review:Korg PXR4    Demo.mp3

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