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RME Announces RPM 5-Input Audio/MIDI Interface


RME has announced the RPM, a portable 5-input audio/MIDI interface that lets you connect two turntables or two line-level sources and a microphone to any computer. Using RME's audio mixer, TotalMix, you can assign the five inputs and up to 12 computer-playback channels to two separate stereo outputs and a dedicated headphone out. External MIDI instruments and controllers can be integrated using the front-panel MIDI I/O ports.

The RPM's microphone input features a Neutrik combo jack and a discrete Class-A front end with gain ranging from 10 to 60 dB. The two pairs of low-noise phono inputs are equipped with RIAA frequency correction. The RPM has three independent stereo outputs: Aux, Main, and headphones. The 24-bit device has a signal-to-noise ratio of 110 dB and supports sampling rates from 32 to 96 kHz. The RPM also supports ASIO 2.0, GSIF, MME (WAV) and CoreAudio on Windows XP and Mac OS X.

For more information, visit, the US distributor of RME products. (

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