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EM Web Clips for November 2003



This file uses the three Modules of its name connected in series. The example shows a number of dynamic levels, and varying amounts of noise is applied to the flute.

Any type of Generator can be used with any of Tassman's Resonators. In this example, a pick is used to excite a beam. The decay frequency of the beam is changing on every note.

This transcription employs Tassman's default flute sound accompanied by a basic dulcimer patch.

Game of Chance

This audio file was created by using a Musical Generator’s Text Editor to convert the text of this article into data to control pitch.

ArtSong allows you to import a graphics file and extract data for use with one or more musical parameters.

FracMusic’s Composition Randomizer can generate a composition without any user input. Several of the default settings were changed to create this file.

KORG MicroKorg

Click here for a full listing of David Battino's WebClips for the MicroKorg review.


Two instances of SFX Machine RT were used to produce the effects in this example. The first generated the sounds using the Water Drips preset. The second applied radical processing of various types to the drips generated by the first.

Tracking in the Unplugged World

Loretta Lynch clip: Company.mp3
This MP3 clip is taken from the Loretta Lynch song “Company” (Esway and Fellows-Mannion) off the band’s CD. Engineer Myles Boisen recorded this—and three other songs from the disc—live to 2-track, using a stereo pair of mics in a Blumlein configuration.

Collective Amnesia clip: Spelling Fuschia.mp3
Here’s an MP3 clip from Collective Amnesia of the song “Spelling Fuchsia” (Bowman). This was recorded live to 16-tracks of ADAT, with the musicians positioned fairly close together in a circle. The challenge was to minimize leakage, especially into the piano mic.

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