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PEAVEY DIA Supports MP3, WAV, CD-audio


PVDJ, a division of Peavey Electronics, has introduced the Digital Audio Interface (DAI), a hardware/software package that supports MP3, WAV, and CD-audio files. DAI includes two players, a touch-sensitive screen (showing the current playlist and bpm counter), and a pair of jog wheels to create scratching-type effects. In addition, the DAI will automatically find the nearest beat when you set a cue-point or mix tracks, and its built-in "grabbing technology" offers one-button looping, with adjustments for moving the loop backward and forward one beat at a time.

The DAI also includes an Auto Pilot, which detects the end of the currently playing track and mixes in the next song automatically, aligning the beats and matching the tempos. Auto Pilot only kicks in during the last 15 seconds of a track and can be left on as a safeguard without interfering with the unit's other controls.

The DAI controller works in tandem with its companion PVDJ software package (Mac/Win), which is built around a 56-bit audio engine. For more informationvisit (

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