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5/18/2004 has announced Ethnic Hip Hop Collection ($29.95), a sound library for Akai MPC-series products that features over 30 ethnic melodic instruments and 21 ethnic percussion instruments. Both Turbo and Regular versions of the library are available. The Turbo version includes more than 670 stereo percussion sounds mapped across all MPC banks and pads. All of the percussion is multi-sampled with an average of 16 samples each. Each of the 30 melodic ethnic instruments is mapped across the MPC pads in both major and minor keys.

All of the samples were created from original recordings of virtuoso musicians. The Ethnic Hip Hop Collection instrument list includes banjo, Brazilian whistle, dagoba, erhu, guato, koto, oud, berimbau, cabasa, cajon, djembe, doumbek, pandeiro, rainstick, and timbale. The library is available on MPC CD-ROM, Zip disk, floppy disk, or as downloadable sets. For more information, visit

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