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Zoom Introduces MRS-8 8-Track Digital Recorder


Zoom has introduced the MRS-8, a compact 8-track digital recorder featuring programmable drum and bass synths, sampled drum sounds, touch-sensitive pads, multieffects, and editing capabilities. The device is roughly the size of a laptop computer and runs on 4 AA batteries or AC power. The MRS-8 can record two tracks at a time (16-bit, 44.1 kHz resolution) and each track holds 10 virtual tracks. The device records to SD memory cards (supporting up to 1 GB) and includes a 128 MB card.

The MRS-8 can playback eight audio tracks as well as the drum and bass tracks simultaneously. A dedicated Master Track for mix-down is included. The device also includes eight effects algorithms and 100 effect types, bpm sync, automatic punch-in and -out features, and track-bounce functionality.

The MRS-8 offers a 1/4-inch high-impedance instrument input, an XLR combo jack for an external microphone or line level signal, stereo RCA master outputs, a headphone output, and MIDI Out. The MRS-8 can send MIDI Time Code or MIDI clock for synchronizing external devices. A front-panel mini-condenser microphone is also included.

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