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ProZilla Pack Now Available for Plugzilla


Manifold Labs has announced that PSPaudioware''s ProZilla Pack is now available for the standalone plug-in player Plugzilla. A Linux-based host, Plugzilla can run almost any VST plug-in and it ships with a comprehensive set of effects and instruments that can be expanded through its Ethernet and USB inputs.

PSP's 64-bit floating-point plug-ins in the ProZilla Pack include MasterQ, MixPressor, MixSaturator, StereoController, StereoEnhancer, and VintageWarmer. The ProZilla Pack also includes AutoComp, EasyLimit, and MS, which are available exclusively for the Plugzilla platform.

The ProZilla pack is provided with Plugzilla on a limited trial basis and is priced at $599. More information regarding the ProZilla Pack and

Plugzilla can be found at and

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