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Waves Announces L3 Peak Limiter


Waves has announced the L3 Peak Limiter. The L3 begins with a linear-phase crossover with user-definable frequencies to divide an audio signal into five bands without adding phase distortion between bands, according to the company. The signal then enters the Peak Limiter Mixer (PLMixer), which determines the amount of attenuation to apply in each band. The result is maximum loudness and minimum intermodulation, without losing brick-wall limiting.

In addition, the PLMixer automatically controls the gain relationship between the bands, eliminating the need for an overall wide-band limiter to catch overshoots. Priority Control lets you control the relative amount of limiting in each band, providing extensive adjustment of the tonal character of the L3, while also producing classic brick-wall limiting. Each band can also be boosted or attenuated by up to 12 dB in addition to limiting, allowing the L3 to function as a linear-phase EQ placed in front of the limiter.

The Separation control adjusts the relative independence of each band, and the Master Release alters the L3''s Adaptive Release Control, offering four tonal options: Warm, Scaled, Aggressive, and Manual. Two versions of the L3 are available: the Multimaximizer, which provides full functionality; and the Ultramaximizer, which combines the PLMixer technology with a basic feature set.

Both versions of the L3 are available together for $1,200 for TDM or $600 for Native. Registered Waves Diamond Bundle users currently covered by the Waves Update Plan (WUP) will receive the Ultramaximizer and Multimaximizer free of charge. Registered Platinum Bundle users who are covered by WUP will receive the L3 Ultramaximizer at no charge. Full compatibility lists and system requirements, along with more detailed descriptions of the L3, are available at

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