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Web Clips for June 2007


p74 | Sound Design Workshop: A Different Drummer

Web Clip 1: This Zip archive contains two Drumcoder Combinator patches and two Reason Songs to illustrate their use. All sounds are from the Reason Factory Soundbank.

p94 | M-Audio NRV10

Web Clip 1: Here's a Taylor 510 acoustic recorded with a Røde NT5 condenser mic through one of the NRV10's mic preamps into Apple Logic Pro.

p104 | FXpansion BFD Percussion

Web Clip 1: Djembe, Arabian tar, and goat-herder bells meld seamlessly into GTron, a MIDI groove with a distinctive second-line drumming feel.

Web Clip 2: Here''s a belly-dance groove as interpreted by playing 18-inch and 10-inch djembes, African Cachos seeds, and an American kitchen sink.

p106 | Wavemachine Labs Drumagog Pro 4 (Mac/Win)

Web Clip 1: The web clip has three parts: a dull sounding (General MIDI) 120 BPM 3/4 beat; a Drumagog-produced electro-pop version of the same beat, with all replaced beat samples from Drumagog's factory library; and a Drumagog-produced ethnic version of the beat, with third-party replacement samples.

p107 | Karma Audio K6

These two Web clips compare the K6 to other mics on the same sources. In both examples, the recordings were made with both mics simultaneously so there was some variation in positioning. The clips are from a session for the band P.A.F.

Web Clip 1A: A flute miked by both the K6 through a Vintech X73i preamp.

Web Clip 1B: The same flute, miked by a Coles 4038, also through the Vintech X73i.

Web Clip 2A: An acoustic slide guitar miked by the K6 through an Amek Einstein preamp.

Web Clip 2B: The same slide guitar part, miked by a Royer R-121 also through the Amek Einstein.

p110 | Line 6 LowDown Studio 110

Coming soon!

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