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Web Clips for July 2007


p22 | Download of the Month: Blue Cat Audio Freeware Plug-ins Pack

Web Clip 1: A four-bar guitar loop is heard unprocessed, then in turn subtly processed by the Blue Cat chorus, flanger, and phaser.

Web Clip 2: A four-bar guitar loop is heard unprocessed, then in turn with extreme processing by the Blue Cat chorus, flanger, and phaser.

p29 | Starting Over

Web Clip 1: This online bonus material supplements "Starting Over" in the July 2007 issue of EM.

p51 | Production Values: Pushing the Right Buttons

Web Clip 1: Bottrell suggests this setup for capturing an energetic performance from a heavy rock band in the studio.

Web Clip 2: Bottrell and Parker talk about their techniques for recording drums, bass, guitars, and vocals.

Web Clip 3: This PDF contains screen shots showing settings for a number of the plug-ins Bill Bottrell and Mimi Parker like to use. Parker had this to say about their use of plug-ins:

p60 | Making Tracks: A Slice in Time

Web Clip 1: A sliced one-bar drum loop is slowed down over four bars, first without stretching, then with stretching.

Web Clip 2: A one-bar drum loop is sped up over four bars, first without shortening, then with shortening.

Web Clip 3: A sliced one-bar drum loop is repeated four times with different slice rearrangements on each pass.

Web Clip 4: A sliced one-bar drum loop is repeated four times, first unquantized, then with 25-percent, 50-percent, and 100-percent 16th-note quantizing.

Web Clip 5: A sliced one-bar drum loop is repeated four times, first unaltered, then with each slice replaced by a different sound, then with a mix of the unaltered and replaced versions.

Web Clip 6: A sliced one-bar drum loop is repeated four times with separate effects processing of each slice. The processed slices are slowly mixed in over the course of the clip.

p64 | Sound Design Workshop: Impulsive Decisions

Web Clip 1:In this zipped file is a Live Instrument Rack for running four Impulses in parallel.

Web Clip 2:A four-bar drum loop is repeated six times. On the first pass only Impulse switching is used. Subsequent passes introduce Beat Repeat, Grain Delay, and Auto Filter processing.

p66 | Square One: Making the Least of It

Web Clip 1: Click for a PDF of important manufacturer contact information.

p74 | Solid State Logic Duende (Mac/Win)

Web Clip 1: A lead guitar submix with no EQ.

Web Clip 2: The same track with E-series EQ boosts on the high and low-mid frequencies.

Web Clip 3: Finally, G-series EQ on the same track.

Web Clip 4: A section of a mix with no compression on the stereo master bus.

Web Clip 5: The same section of mix using the Duende''s Bus Compressor. It''s louder, as one would expect, but also listen to how the elements are tightened relative to each other (such as the bass and drums).

p84 | Korg KP3 Kaoss Pad

Click to view Web Clips designed to complement David Battino's review of the Korg KP3 Kaoss Pad in Electronic Musician magazine.

p90 | Radikal Technologies Spectralis

Web Clip 1: Stepping through preset patterns allows you to arrange songs in real time.

p96 | The Waldorf Edition 1.2.4

Web Clip 1: D-Pole''s factory presets do a very effective job of showcasing the filter plug-in''s versatility.

Web Clip 2: Wave 2.V successfully captures the distinctive digital sound of the PPG Wave 2.3, circa 1984.

Web Clip 3: Waldorf Attack is an analog-modeling drum machine with a difference, because you can create entire multitimbral performances in a single instantiation.

p100 | Vir2 Instruments Acoustic Legends HD (Mac/Win)

Web Clip 1: A sweet, fingerpicked Lowden 025 plays Travis-style guitar. Finger squeaks and a couple of string-release samples aid the realistic performance.

Web Clip 2: Acoustic Legends offers individual natural and artificial harmonics, and a beautiful set of brushed harmonic chords, illustrated here.

Online Exclusive Review: Sonivox Muse 1.04

Web Clip 1: Muse''s sizable collection of keyboards is topped off by a fine grand piano.

Web Clip 2: Muse''s sax and brass ensembles really pack some punch.

Web Clip 3: The orchestral strings alone might be all the excuse you need to purchase a copy of Muse.

Online Exclusive Quick Pick: M-Audio StealthPlug

Web Clip 1: This clip compares the sound of a guitar part recorded through the StealthPlug with one recorded through an FMR Audio Really Nice Preamp and an MOTU 828mkII audio interface.

Web Clip 2: The guitar and bass in this clip were recorded with the StealthPlug and processed with AmpliTube 2 Live.

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