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Web Clips for August 2007


p22 | Sonicprojects OP-X and OP-X Pro

Web Clip 1: This three-track clip uses the OP-X Pro for the high sample-and-hold part and the pad and uses the OP-X for the sample-and-hold bass.

p60 | Making Tracks: Removing Vocal Artifacts

Web Clip 1: This vocal phrase contains a problem plosive p close to the beginning.

Web Clip 2: The plosive p in Web Clip 1 has been repaired in this clip.

Web Clip 3: This vocal phrase contains two problem sibilants near the middle of the phrase.

Web Clip 4: The problem sibilants in Web Clip 3 have been repaired in this clip.

p64 | Sound Design Workshop: Speak to Me

Web Clip 1: A pseudo-liturgical phrase from Charles Darwin's "The Origin of Species" sung by a choir of speech synthesizers in Image-Line FL Studio 7. Individual syllables have been pitch-shifted to create a moving harmony.

p74 | Digidesign 003

Web Clip 1: A Neumann U 87 microphone on a Martin acoustic guitar using the 003 preamp.

Web Clip 2: The same mic and guitar setup, but using the preamp in a Digi 002R.

Web Clip 3: A Neumann U 87 microphone on voice using the 003 preamp.

Web Clip 4: The same mic and positioning on voice, but using the preamp in a Digi 002R.

p78 | Native Instruments Komplete 4 (Mac/Win)

Web Clip 1: The same four-bar loop featuring a classic DX7 keyboard preset played on the FM8 is heard four times. The first pass is unprocessed, the second pass adds the Pro-53 lowpass filter, the third pass adds Pro-53 Polymod of filter cutoff by oscillator B, and the fourth pass adds the Pro-53 delay effect.

Web Clip 2: Reaktor instrument Ensembles Massive, SpaceDrone, and GrainStates generate the fodder for this hands-free ambient collage. Effects Ensembles FlatBlaster 2 and Space Master 2 provide otherworldly reverb and compression.

p90 | E-mu Emulator X2

Web Clip 1: This example illustrates the Transform Multiply (convolution) function in X2. First you''ll hear the montuno, then a sequence of dense clusters, then the result of the TM process.

Web Clip 2: This example uses only the soundboard portion of a piano multiplesample and manipulates it with several multifunction generators.

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