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Dig My Rig


My name is Terrany Johnson, also known as Tee- Double; I’ve recorded and released more than 19 independent albums on my own label, Kinetic Global.

I mostly produce hip-hop and urban music, with some licensing work, but my studio is designed with the hip-hop producer in mind. I converted my upstairs into my studio and lounge area for writers to get a break and collect their musical thoughts. My studio (Kinetic Global Studios) is based

around the MPC 2000XL as my main drum machine and the MIDI brain of the studio, as everything runs through it. I have numerous keyboards and modules from Moog, Crumar Roady, Nord, and Sequential to capture and create any sound or idea I might have that needs to be added into a track to give it that extra shine.

Being a vocalist, my mic collection is maybe bigger than most emcees (15 models), but each one has its own tone and character, depending on the track. My go-to mics are the Neumann TLM 103 & 102.

Having my own place to create saves money and gives me a relaxed environment to work on an idea without worrying about the clock.

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