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Dig My Rig


I reside in Los Angeles, where I produce electronica and perform live. Here’s my studio breakdown:

“Damage Control” starts with an Apple MacBook Pro i7 processor strapped with a dual hard-drive solid-state drive connected to an HP touchscreen 22" monitor. From there, the signal gets processed through a Native Instruments Komplete 6 interface, which has six inputs including two preamps. The audio then gets sent to a Presonus Monitor Station for control over multiple sets of monitors including KRK Rokit 8s, M-Audio BX5as, and a Polk Audio 10" low-frequency subwoofer. The Monitor Station is also used for talkback features and also has four headphone outs with individual volume control. As an input selection for multitrack recording, I have a Presonus FireStudio Project with eight preamp inputs. This gets connected via 12-channel line snake, eight inputs, and four aux returns (headphones) for monitoring in a separate room. For MIDI instances, I use an E-mu X-Board 49 for main keyboard control and a Nano Key for sound searching and close-field navigation. The drum machine is a Native Instruments Maschine MK2 on a drum snare stand. There is also a Korg microKorg for extra sound synths. My live performance gear consists of two custom carbon fiber-wrapped Technics MK2 SL1200s and a Pioneer DJM-400 with Ortofon QBert needles, all with custom LEDs.


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