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Propellerhead Reason Power App


Enhance the sounds in Kong with effects processing through rack devices.

The Kong Drum Designer module in Reason has its own suite of built-in mini-effects. It also gives you three different ways to add effects using other Reason modules. (The signal routings are shown on pages 780-782 of the operation manual PDF.) First, Kong has two aux sends. Second, it has rear-panel patch points between its Bus FX and Master FX, where another module can be inserted. It also has 14 individual audio outputs, configured as seven stereo pairs. Any of Kong’s 16 percussion pads can be routed to an output pair. This is the most flexible way to add effects to Kong sounds, so let’s look at the details.

Step 1: The Combinator is not strictly needed; start by creating a Line Mixer 6:2, which will automatically create a console input strip and connect the Line Mixer to it. But a Combinator is very useful both for keeping your rack organized and for routing modulation signals to the parameters of devices.

Step 3: If you need to process more than seven pads in a single Kong, pan one pad hard left and another hard right to use the stereo output pairs as mono outputs.

Step 3: The aux sends on a Mixer 14:2 can be used to route several Kong pads through the same set of FX, if more than Kong’s two aux sends are needed.
Step 1 Create a Combinator. Create a Line Mixer 6:2 and then a Kong inside the Combinator.
Step 2 In the Combinator, hold the shift key (to prevent automatic signal routing) and create the effects you want to apply to a specific drum sound.
Step 3 On the rear panel, connect Kong outputs 3 and 4 to the input of the first effect. If necessary, continue patching effects in a chain. Connect the output of the last effect in the chain to an input of the mixer.
Step 4 Click on the pad which features the sound you want to process, to select it. Open up the drum-editor panel and select outputs 3 and 4 from the drop-down menu.

Step 5 Most Reason FX modules are created with the wet/dry knob at 100% wet, so adjust the wet/dry mix (and other parameters) to taste. 


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