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Image-Line FL Studio 11 Secrets!

By JIM AIKIN | June 26, 2013

Add expression to your synth tracks and mixes.

FL Studio gives you three ways to automate your synth and mix parameters: realtime recording with the mouse, realtime recording from linked MIDI hardware, or by creating automation envelopes. The first two methods create events within a standard MIDI clip, which can be edited with the pencil tool. Automation envelopes appear separately in the Playlist. The envelope breakpoints can be edited by dragging, and the curves between adjacent breakpoints can be adjusted and configured smoothly.

Step 4: If necessary, drag the lower edge of the Playlist track downward to create a deeper editing area, and click and drag the ends of the horizontal scroll bar at the top of the Playlist to zoom in on the clip.

Step 4: Right-click on an existing breakpoint to choose a type for the curve to the left of the breakpoint.
Step 1 Right-click and drag along the time ruler in the Playlist window to select the region where you want the envelope to appear.
Step 2 Using the mouse, wiggle the control that you want to automate.
Step 3 In the Tools menu, select “Last tweaked/Create automation clip.”

Step 4 Right-click in the envelope to add new breakpoints. Drag the breakpoints left or right, up or down, as needed.
Step 5 After shift-dragging to duplicate an automation clip, don’t neglect to select “Make unique” from its pull-down menu. If you don’t make the copy unique, any editing changes will affect all of the copies.
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