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Power App — Adobe Audition CS6

By Craig Anderton | August 14, 2012

Apply waveform editing to multitrack project clips

Adobe Audition has one editor for detailed, waveform-oriented editing, and another for multitrack projects; files can transfer seamlessly between the two environments. This configuration allows processing multitrack project clips with noise reduction, pitch changes, phase correction, spectral-view editing, and other sophisticated editing processes prior to returning the clip to the multitrack project.
Step 2: Alternately, double-click on a Multitrack Editor clip to select it for editing and automatically switch to the Waveform Editor.
Step 5: The clip will be selected in the Multitrack Editor, and its duration is automatically selected as a Time Selection.
Step 1  Click the clip to select it for editing. If the clip is a copy and edits should apply to that specific clip, go Clip > Convert to Unique Copy. 

Step 2 Click the Waveform tab to switch from the Multitrack Editor to the Waveform Editor.  
Step 3 The Waveform Editor will open to the file you selected, but if you click the Editor panel’s drop-down file menu, you’ll see all Multitrack project files, and you can select any of them. 

Step 4 Make your desired edits from the Effects menu, or by applying effects from the Effects Rack.  

Step 5 Click on the Multitrack Editor tab to return to the Multitrack project; the original clip will be replaced with the edited clip. 
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