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Ableton Live

By CRAIG ANDERTON | October 25, 2012

Spread mono signals to stereo without using delays, process specific instrument frequency ranges without affecting other frequency ranges, and more.

Ableton Live’s Multiband Dynamics processor can also serve as a three-band frequency crossover. Creating three parallel, identical tracks with Multiband Dynamics, then soloing different Multiband Dynamics frequency ranges, allows processing individual frequency bands.


Step 1 Insert the Multiband Dynamics preset into an audio track, then click on the B(elow) and A(bove) buttons to verify that all thresholds are at 0.00 and all ratios are at 1:1.00.

Step 2 Solo the high-frequency band. Click the High parameter, then drag up/down to set the desired highfrequency band range.

Step 3 Solo the mid band. Click the Low parameter, then drag up/down to set the mid band’s lower frequency limit. Solo the Low band to verify the low band’s frequency range.

Step 4 Right-click in the track name and duplicate the audio track. Do this again to create three tracks total.

Step 5 Solo the High band for the first track, the Mid band for the second track, and the Low band for the third track.

Step 6 Pan each frequency range as desired (shown), process the tracks individually, use different send effect amounts for each frequency band, etc.

Steps 2 and 3: If needed, readjust the High and Low parameters so each band covers the desired ranges.
Step 5: This composite screen shot shows the solo buttons for each Multiband Dynamics processor.

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