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Roland ED U-8 USB Digital StudioLike so many other areas of technology, studio gear is getting smaller and smaller. But who would've thought that you could pack so much power into a device as compact as Roland ED's U-8 USB Digital Studio? This system combines audio and MIDI I/O with built-in effects and connects to your PC through the ubiquitous USB bus. The system's wizardlike EZ Recording feature makes recording nearly foolproof, and it has enough inputs to support almost any device you might want to connect to it.

The U-8's nine faders give you a flexible way to control your recording and mixing moves; mixing with it sure beats using a mouse! The box has everything: the slim and lightweight U-8, a USB cable, a manual, and a copy of the customized digital audio sequencing software you've chosen. The unit ships with a standalone tuning application, which is a nice bonus, especially if you play guitar.

The U-8's onscreen Mixer window gives you numerous routing and mixing options and lets you adjust the levels of incoming and existing audio tracks. It provides access to the Effects screen, where you edit effects, save presets, and map the unit's physical controls to various effects parameters. Whether you're a budding desktop musician looking for a compact system or a professional in need of an auxiliary audio and MIDI interface, the U-8 is a great solution for your needs.

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