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Mark of the Unicorn Digital Performer 2.7Boy, do we hate this category - it's always so hard to pick a winner. A good sequencer is the heart and soul of many a desktop studio, and personal preferences inevitably play a big role in choosing a favorite. This year, MOTU's Digital Performer 2.7 generated the greatest enthusiasm from the most judges - and for good reason.

MOTU added substantial features to a program already lauded for its well-designed and elegant user interface. For example, the new multitrack Drum Editor window provides graphic drum-machine-style composing and editing with four view modes and unparalleled control over a range of parameters. MOTU also added three new effects to the program's excellent collection of plug-ins: a multimode filter, a stereo delay, and a ring modulator.

If timing is everything, MOTU is definitely on top. First it introduced MIDI Time Stamping technology, which boasts a MIDI timing accuracy of well within a millisecond when you combine Digital Performer with one of MOTU's USB MIDI interfaces. Film composers will love Digital Performer's new Find Tempo feature: you set up a hits master list and weight the hits by importance, and the program calculates the best tempo to catch the greatest number of critical hits. Digital Performer's sophistication, power, and innovation really knocked our socks off. This is one tough program to beat.

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