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Drums on Demand Announces Live Session Drummer Loops Vol. 2

February 9, 2004

Drums On Demand has announced Volume 2 ($49.95) of its "livesession-drummer loops," available as 24- and 16-bit Acidized WAV files.The new collection includes nearly 800 royalty free loops in 35 SongsSets. New features include more loops per Song Set, longer loops,additional odd-time signatures, and brush-based jazz and country SongSets. The tempo range is from 56 to 200 bpm.

Each Song Set includes as many as 36 loops that cover the importantstructural aspects of a song: verse, chorus, fill, bridge, break,intro, and ending. The loops range from one to eight measures inlength. The manufacturer says the loops were tracked at 24-bits intoDigidesign Pro Tools using top-of-the-line microphones and mixed downusing high-end compression and processing. Complete Song Setdescriptions and MP3 examples are available at (

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