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Karma Lab Releases KARMA MW & Triton v1.2.1

February 24, 2004

Karma Lab has released version 1.2.1 of its KARMA MW and KARMATriton (Mac/Win) software applications. The apps allow owners of KorgKarma and Triton-series products to generate new phrases, grooves, andmusical effects that can be altered and randomized in real-time.

The new versions, which are a free download for existing users, arebundled with a new Virtual MIDI Device (VMD), that allows Windows usersto integrate the Karma Lab's software with any MIDI-enabled softwaresynth, sampler, or sequencer. For example, you can use your favoriteKARMA Generated Effects (GEs) to create and manipulate techno arpeggiosin Project5, bass lines in Reason, or pad effects in Kontakt. Or, youcan route KARMA's MIDI output directly to Sonar, Cubase, or any othersequencer for further slicing, dicing, and looping.

The KARMA's VMD behaves just like other MIDI devices. This allowsyou to, for example, synch the KARMA application using MIDI Clock toother applications. KARMA MW and KARMA Triton applications require youto connect a Korg Karma or Triton to your computer.

For more information, visit Karma Lab's Web site. (

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