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Key Changes

By Marty Cutler | February 1, 2003

Sibelius Software ( has acquired worldwide distribution rights for Australia-based Rising Software's music education software, Auralia and Musition … LinPlug ( has announced that a number of the company's virtual instruments are now available for Mac OS X. Soft synths include the Alpha Classic and FreeAlpha, Element P Percussion Synthesizer, daOrgan Drawbar Organ, CronoX Sample Synthesizer and Delta III Matrix Synthesizer … Synthesizer pioneer Dr. Robert Moog received an honorary doctor of music degree at Berklee College of Music's 2002 Entering Student Convocation … The Hearing Aid Music Foundation ( has announced the completion of a 15-minute educational film entitled Listen Smart — Safely Handling the Power of Sound. The film was designed to create awareness about noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) and to encourage safer practices in consuming high decibel sound … Line 6 Amp Farm is now available for Mac OS X- and Windows XP-based Pro Tools HD systems. The software is distributed by Digidesign ( … Interested users can download mtofhex, Victor Cerullo's Max/MSP External object for Cycling 74's Pluggo 3. The file allows users to tune VST instrument synth plug-ins to a 16-tone-per-octave equal-tempered-system scale. You can download the object in the Files section at

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