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Korg Announces CR-4 4-Track Recording System

March 9, 2004

Korg has announced the CR-4, a 4-track cassette-based recordingsystem, which includes amp and effects models, a built-in 5W stereoamplifier, and a pair of 3-inch speakers for monitoring as you record.Using the four 1/4-inch inputs, the CR-4 lets you record four trackssimultaneously onto standard Type-II high-bias cassettes. The inputscan handle mic-, line-, or instrument-level signals. The CR-4 can alsobe used as a practice amp or cassette playback system.

The CR-4 includes Korg’s REMS modeling technology, whichoffers six guitar-amp models, two bass-amp models, an acoustic-guitarEQ, two vocal-mic simulators, and 11 ToneWorks effects (including noisereduction, compression, chorus, flanging, phasing, tremolo, delay, andreverb). Gain, treble, mid, bass, effects depth, and volume controlsare provided for guitar, bass, acoustic and vocal models. The tap-temposwitch sets the delay time and modulation rate. Each track includes itsown trim control, level fader, pan control, and effects switch.

The two speakers are mounted in bass-reflex enclosures for greaterfrequency range, according to the manufacturer. A Speaker Mute switchand two sets of headphone outputs are provided. Two line-level mainoutputs on RCA jacks are included for mixing to an external recorder.The CR-4 is powered by an included AC/DC adapter. For more information,visit Korg's Web site.


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