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Marantz Professional Ships CDR310 Professional CD Recorder

November 30, 2006

Marantz Professional is shipping the CDR310 ($1,049), a professional CD recorder with a built-in microphone; built-in preamps with XLR connectors and 48V phantom power for use with external condenser microphones; and a built-in CD burner with support for both uncompressed audio and MP3 formats.

AA batteries or the optional RB1651 rechargeable battery allow four hours of remote operation without an external power supply. Analog line-level inputs and outputs and S/PDIF digital inputs and outputs let you connect the unit to a wide range of professional audio equipment.

The CDR310 offers several other helpful features, such as Background Record mode, Pre-Record mode, and One-Touch recording. Background Record mode enables constant active recording as an ongoing backup, even when the CDR310 is in Pause mode. Recording can also be active in Pre-Record mode for up to ten seconds with the recorder stopped, ensuring that the CDR310 never misses a critical audio event.

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