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PreSonus Audio Electronics Ships Central Station

April 14, 2004

PreSonus Audio Electronics is now shipping the CentralStation, which features five stereo inputs and outputs (two digital andthree analog). The main audio path is completely passive, with noamplifier stages such as op amps, active ICs, or chips. Themanufacturer says this eliminates coloration, noise, and distortion. Tominimize noise and maximize signal integrity, the unit is equipped with34 sealed relays, which utilize a minimal signal-path design so thataudio does not pass through extraneous electronics.

The Central Station has three sets of monitor outputs, each withtrim pots. The three sets of stereo analog inputs can accommodate a DAWor Mixer, tape or CD deck, and a keyboard instrument. Two of the inputshave balanced TRS jacks, and the third has RCA inputs with a trimcontrol for matching signals.

The Central Station has two digital inputs, coaxial and opticalS/PDIF, for 24-bit, 192 kHz D/A conversion. It also features dual30-segment digital LED meters, an omnidirectional condenser microphonefor talkback, two headphone outputs, and an optional remotecontrol.

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