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Review: SM Pro Audio V-Machine (Bonus Material)

By Jason Blum | April 7, 2009


Installing plug-ins on the V-Machine is easy—if you''re trying to set up a plug-in that already has a corresponding VFX Info file. At the time of this writing, more than 50 VST plug-ins have VFX Info files ready to go, but that leaves thousands more in limbo. Typically, simple VST plug-ins that consist solely of a single DLL file are easy to install on the V-Machine, but complex plug-ins with sound libraries, selectable skins, and special licensing requirements often confound the V-Machine because of all the Registry changes and file path associations involved. In those cases, writing a custom VFX Info file is the best way to ensure a smooth and error-free installation.

VFX Info files are text files that give the V-Machine detailed information about a plug-in, such as installation directory, Registry modifications, and license keys. Creating a VFX Info file isn''t easy, and it requires downloading additional (but free) software called RegSpy that can identify Registry changes and then assist in exporting those changes as text for inclusion in a VFX Info file. If this all sounds complex, it is; tinkering with the Registry isn''t recommended for the average user, as a single misstep can easily turn a fully functioning PC into an oversize paperweight. However, adventurous users can delve into the intricacies of VFX Info file creation with the help of a detailed video lecture on YouTube (

If digging into the dark underbelly of your music PC doesn''t sound appealing, your best bet is to keep a close eye on SM Pro Audio''s ever-expanding database of prefab VFX files and ask for support in the user forums. The latest list of VFX files is available online ( and contains supported files that have been tested by SM Pro Audio, as well as untested user submissions that you can try at your own risk.

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