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This Month's Soundtrack

By Gino Robair | June 1, 2008

These albums encompass a diverse range of styles and composition methods.

  1. Dr.Ox: Dr.Ox (c74)
  2. Man Man: Rabbit Habits (Anti)
  3. Dosh: Wolves and Wishes (Anticon)
  4. Lisle Ellis: Sucker Punch Requiem (Henceforth)
  5. Tim Fite: Fair Ain't Fair (Anti)


Acousmatic composer Natasha Barrett processes Norwegian cellist Tanja Orning in this engaging and challenging suite.


Clever, energetic, and attractively goofy songwriting, orchestrated with horns, mallet percussion, and silly voices.


Engaging instrumentals in a modern concrète style in the post-Tortoise/Stereolab continuum.


Composer-bassist Ellis's concrète masterwork features singer Pamela Z, Oliver Lake, and George Lewis.


Tunesmith Fite combines folk instruments with urban and glitch sensibilities for an engaging hybrid songscape.

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