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by    Clyne Media, Inc.    on    02/17/2017

RedNet helps to tame this intricate, state-of-the-art facility in a way that maximizes its potential and minimizes its complexity

by    Clyne Media, Inc.    on    02/17/2017

– Reflective rear panel has been upgraded –

by    David Goggin communication arcs    on    02/15/2017

The Sanken Chromatic line of professional studio microphones has announced a distribution network and seven new dealers in the United States and Canada.

by    Clyne Media, Inc.    on    02/15/2017

— Highly effective at controlling critical mid- and high-band frequencies, these all-in-one acoustical room treatment systems are designed to address the acoustic and aesthetic needs of the small and medium-sized project studio as well as the most demanding professional mix/mastering environments —

by    Howard Sherman    on    02/14/2017

Multiple Wins For WSDG BSO CR

by    D. Pagan Communications    on    02/14/2017

When Lucy Peckham, co-partner of Anchorage-based Both Ears Live Sound, was contacted by Greg Mitchell, a design professor at UC Santa Barbara, she knew she would be a part of something special. Mitchell was looking for a sound engineer to go to Nepal to work on the first opera ever performed in that country. Peckham recognized early that she would also need equipment capable of performing under Kathmandu’s less than forgiving environment. Peckham found the solution she needed in DPA Microphones’ d:screet™ 4061 Necklace Microphone.

by    Clyne Media, Inc.    on    02/14/2017

– Dave Pensado, multi-award-winning engineer and co-host of acclaimed educational web series Pensado's Place, recognizes the sonic advantage and visual impact of the new Carl Tatz Edition™ Dual 15-800 workstation by Argosy Console –

by    Clyne Media, Inc.    on    02/14/2017

Two New Scarlett OctoPres make adding inputs easy

by    MountainCrest Communications    on    02/13/2017

Ft. Lauderdale, FL - February 2017… Synthax, Inc., the Americas distributor for RME, a leading manufacturer of high quality digital audio solutions, is pleased to announce the RME Digiface USB Portable Digital Audio Interface. Featuring 4 optical ADAT /SPDIF inputs and outputs plus a high-quality analog line/phones output via TRS (tip-ring-sleeve), the new RME Digiface USB is an extremely compact, portable digital audio interface that can also serve as a basic headphone amp for mobile use.

by    CRL Public Relations    on    02/13/2017

WavesLive Was Developed & Presented by Waves Audio, Conservatory of Recording Arts & Sciences (CRAS), & CRAS AES Student Chapter Reps to Teach Live Sound Techniques Utilizing Waves Plugins & Gear

by    CRL Public Relations    on    02/10/2017

  In Total, 32 CRAS Students Worked on 35 Grammy-Nominated Albums & Songs Across 35 Categories (image: Andrew Wuepper)

by    Hosa Technology, Inc.    on    02/09/2017

Hosa Technology, Inc., the leading innovator of analog and digital connectivity solutions for the modern musician, is pleased to introduce the CMM-500Y Series Hopscotch Patch Cables. Designed with modular synthesizers in mind, the new CMM-500Y Series features a unique pigtail patch point that enables users to split a signal at its output for additional versatility.


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