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by    Hummingbird Media, Inc.    on    06/28/2016

Unlocking the Power of Antelope's Proprietary FPGA Technology, Antelope’s Latest Suite of Studio Tools Captures the Classic Sounds of Coveted Rack Units and Amps

by    Hummingbird Media, Inc.    on    06/28/2016

LA88 Line Array Features Stunning Clarity and Impressive Power in a Compact Chassis, Suitable for a Wide Range of Applications

by    Hummingbird Media, Inc.    on    06/28/2016

June 23, 2016 · Old Lyme, Conn. – The wireless spectrum reallocation — which is underway through a process called the ‘incentive auction’ — will have a direct impact on thousands of wireless microphone users across the country. As a leading global manufacturer of microphones and wireless systems, Sennheiser is committed to supporting its customer base through its support channels and relentless product innovation — including the recently announced A1 range, a new frequency variant for its popular evolution wireless ew 100 G3 and ew 300 I...

by    MSMedia    on    06/27/2016

Detroit, MI (June 27, 2016) ― Detroit-based electronic rock composer Klayton, a.k.a. Celldweller, and his company Refractor Audio, are proud to announce his first virtual instrument, TRANSPORT. Powered by the Native Instruments Kontakt and Kontakt Player platforms, it features over 1,400 unique loops and 600 one-shot samples from Klayton’s synth-filled personal studio, as well as mind-bending new ways of mixing and mashing them.

by    David Goggin communication arcs    on    06/27/2016

Superlative singer-songwriter and fiddler Sara Watkins recorded tracks at United Recording for her new album "Young In All the Wrong Ways," due out July 1 on New West Records.

by    MSMedia    on    06/23/2016

 London, UK and Melbourne, Australia (June 23, 2016) -- Carl Cox, the internationally acclaimed Producer/ DJ who is currently ranked as the Number 1 Global Techno and Techno House DJ by the DJ list, has won more than eleven DJ Awards, three International Dance Music Awards, an NME Award and many other accolades. While setting up his new studio, Cox had the chance to select the perfect monitors for his work, choosing ADAM Audio S3X-H monitors, which he praises in a new video interview about his career and creative work.  

by    Hummingbird Media, Inc.    on    06/23/2016

Antelope Audio's Zen Tour, Orion Studio and Goliath Turn the Page on Traditional FX Plug-Ins, with Superior Built-In FPGA Modeling Engine

by    CRL Public Relations    on    06/22/2016

Blue’s Regional Sales Manager Ben Thompkins and Conservatory of Recording Arts & Sciences (CRAS) Graduate and Current Blue Product Support Clerk Tyler Barkley Joined CRAS Instructors in Training Students on Proper Mic Techniques & Placement

by    Clyne Media, Inc.    on    06/22/2016

— Waves Nx opens the door to endless possibilities in 3D audio and virtual reality; by participating in the new Kickstarter campaign, the audio community can get a stake in this innovative technology —

by    D. Pagan Communications    on    06/22/2016

On Tuesday, July 19, 2016, DPA Microphones, Lectrosonics, Sound Devices, and K-Tek, will host The Sound Summit Toronto at The Church on the Queensway in Toronto. This event is part of The Sound Summit series of informal networking and educational presentations for audio professionals. Together they gather, collaborate, and discuss their techniques and tools for capturing high-quality audio. This summit will mark the first international location in the series of events; past cities include New York, Chicago, Atlanta and Orlando.

by    MSMedia    on    06/22/2016

Berlin, CT (June 22, 2016) — Production manager and front-of-house engineer Eugene “Geno” Mulcahy was carrying his mixing console in his backpack when he and country music super-group The Frontmen of Country Music flew onto an aircraft carrier in the Persian Gulf on the band’s tour earlier this year. Armed with his QSC TouchMix compact digital mixer and a selection of microphones, Mulcahy was able to provide consistently great live sound and also archive every show during the tour, which visited U.S. Navy vessels and military installations in the Middle East and Europe.

by    Music Marcom    on    06/22/2016

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