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by    Debra Pagan    on    07/27/2015

Held this spring at the H3 Arena in Fornebu, The Voice Norway 2015 employed a state-of-the-art sound system from VUE Audiotechnik, designed and installed by avonlyd as. The vocal competition, produced by Nordisk Film TV and Kurder King Production AS, spanned a period of several months, starting earlier this year with blind audition rounds, then narrowing the field to 40 contestants, and ultimately down to a single vocalist. On June 5 — the final night of the vocal competition — it was announced that Yvonne Nordvik Siversten was the winner. 

by    D. Pagan Communications, INC.    on    07/24/2015

Solid State Logic is proud to announce that MEGA AUDIO, the noted German pro audio distributor, has added the SSL Live range of consoles as their new distribution line for digital live-sound consoles to their portfolio of products for Germany.

by    Music Marcom    on    07/23/2015

iZotope, Inc., a leading audio technology company, announced a permanent price reduction on their Trash 2 distortion engine. The plug-in is now available for the lowest price ever of $99, and also includes two free Expansion Packs (Classic Textures and Edge) full of patches and impulses for additional creative experimentation.

by    Music Marcom    on    07/23/2015

Pro Sound Effects®, the next level sound effects library company, has unveiled a new online presence featuring a host of new functionality and an enhanced user experience. Sound designers and editors from the independent freelancer to large-scale commercial production facilities that visit will find a clean, efficient layout with easy navigation as well as all new pricing, licensing, and delivery options.

by    D. Pagan    on    07/21/2015

Finding a microphone to amplify an acoustic instrument, such as a violin or guitar, is never easy. But, when The Villalobos Brothers, one of today’s hottest contemporary Mexican ensembles, headed out on tour, they knew that was just what they needed, and DPA Microphones delivered just the right solution. 

by    Roger Maycock    on    07/20/2015

Tokyo, Japan – July 2015… Since its beginnings as a community-based environmental action group in Japan, Life Recycled and its members have worked tirelessly to bring awareness to the subject of coastal pollution and combat the problems it creates. As the founding member of Life Recycled, an effort dedicated to harnessing international support to address this issue throughout East Asia, Michael Reid—the group’s founder and an avid expedition kayaker—is documenting his 1000k / 621 mile kayaking expedition up the coast of Japan to raise awareness for the cause. Asid...

by    D. Pagan Communications, INC.    on    07/16/2015

 Cakewalk, dedicated to powerful and thoughtfully designed software for modern musicians, is offering free downloadable demos of the entire new SONAR product lineup

by    Heather J. Davis    on    07/15/2015

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA – JULY 2015: Scotty Simpson was only eleven years old when he picked up the bass, and he was only fourteen years old when he started playing regular gigs in clubs. His guitar-playing brother, ten years his senior, served as a “guardian” when he played the clubs, though Simpson admits (with a wink) that his parents may have held a different view of the arrangement if they knew the full story. By the time he could legally attend his own shows, Simpson was playing six nights a week in his hometown of Dallas, Texas and amassing bass and vocal chops upon which he...

by    D. Pagan Communications    on    07/15/2015

Duality brings new possibilities to control, improving my workflow and speeding up all aspects of recording and mixing

by    Hummingbird Media, Inc.    on    07/14/2015

Revived Vintage Console at Phillips’ Phantom Recordings Sports BAE Audio 1084 and 1272 Modules, for 'Classic Sound without the Rust'

by    Hummingbird Media, Inc.    on    07/14/2015

Antelope Audio’s Stellar Clocking and Conversion Take This High-Tech One-Man-Band to Celestial Heights on End of an Empire

by    Brainstorm Media    on    07/14/2015

Building on the popularity of the first CADLIve offering, CAD is now shipping the second series of high performance microphones spearheaded by the D89 dynamic instrument and D90 vocal mics.


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