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by    Heather J. Davis    on    06/30/2014

SAFETY HARBOR, FLORIDA: Eric Racy made his entrance into the world of high-profile mixing and producing via the underground world of dance music, a pivot that allowed him to leverage skills and perspective honed by the diverse tones and influences of EDM. He has gone on to mix Robin Thicke, Lil’ Wayne, Pharrell, and Busta Rhymes, along with dozens of other big name artists, and a host of indie and underground artists that deserve to have “big” name...

by    Heather J. Davis    on    06/30/2014

ÖREBRO, SWEDEN: With 17,000 students, the University of Örebro is one of the fastest growing universities in Sweden.  Its school of music, theatre and art provides the growing student body with an array of course subjects, including recording music technology. In its quest to prepare students for moving on to a modern recording studio, the university has commissioned an API 1608 console.

by    Heather J. Davis    on    06/30/2014

NEW HAVEN, CONNECTICUT: Firehouse 12, a recording studio, live music venue, and record label, located in New Haven, Connecticut, recently commissioned a 32-channel Legacy Plus console. The 24-bus, 12 aux, dual-input console replaces the API Legacy that had previously been installed.

In April, a team of API engineers and service technicians accompanied the console to Connecticut, and the team remained on hand for several days to ensure a smooth...

by    Heather J. Davis    on    06/30/2014

NEW YORK, NEW YORK: Seth Glassman is an accomplished bass player and multi-instrumentalist whose thirty-plus year career has included work and performances with James Brown, Paul McCartney, Diana Ross, Elvis Costello, Brian Wilson, and literally dozens of other industry luminaries of equal star-power, along with hundreds of wildly talented musicians who populate the vanguard in their respective genres. He is currently the musical director and band leader...

by    Music Marcom    on    06/30/2014

Throughout hip-hop’s storied past, a handful of cities—New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Oakland—have battled for artistic supremacy. Now, thanks to the pioneering efforts of producer and studio owner E. Dan, another has risen to prominence—Pittsburgh. Since opening ID Labs studio in 2003, E. Dan has recorded and produced some of the biggest hits to come out of the ‘steel city.’ Recent credits include Wiz Khalifa’s classi...

by    Heather J. Davis    on    06/30/2014

BRONXVILLE, NEW YORK: Although the path to Micah Kovacs' relatively new and successful freelance venture, Micah Kovacs Audio, was not clear to him at the outset, his dedication, professionalism, and knack for making audio work transparently with images guided him down it, nonetheless. Already, his ten-plus years in the advertising and film post industry have earned him Addy, Promax, and Mercury awards, and several awards at juried film festivals. His clients inc...

by    Roger Maycock    on    06/26/2014

San Diego, CA – June 2014… The single most important attribute for any pair of studio monitors is the ability to deliver a mix that translates well to a wide range of playback mediums. From inexpensive earbuds to high-end ‘cans’ with integrated noise reduction, bookshelf systems, car audio, AV setups and more, consistent playback qualit...

by    Vanessa Bishop    on    06/26/2014

Following The Killers’ wildly successful 2013 Battle Born world tour, performing in 50 countries and headlining arena...

by    Roger Maycock    on    06/25/2014

(from left to right): Jorgen Carllson and Steve Holroyd 
Los Angeles, CA … Formed in 1994 as a...

by    Vaness Bishop    on    06/25/2014

This year’s SAE Beats & Breaks Battles contenders are all starting on an even playing field thanks to the event organizers’ latest decision to make Stanton’s STR8.150s the exclusive turntables for the competition.

by    David Goggin    on    06/25/2014

Stanley Johnston, longtime recording engineer for Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, has mastered at Bernie Grundman's the band's historic 1974 tour.   Recorded to 16-track analog 2-inch tape by Elliot Mazer and never released, the project collects the very best of numerous big arena and outdoor stadium dates with one of the most popular groups of the day.

by    Music Marcom    on    06/24/2014

Blend (, an online network where musicians share and collaborate on tracks, announces its debut as a record label with the release of the o...


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