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This section of Electronic Musician, "The Wire," contains original press releases that reflect the views of the industry organizations issuing them. Releases are not reviewed or edited by Electronic Musician editorial staff. Suppliers, The Wire is "A Virtual Press Conference." For access, email your name and email address to
by On 08/02/2011

<p> <strong><span style="text-decoration: underline;"><a href="">D5 Shipping</a></span></strong></p> <img alt="" /><br /> <p> <strong>San Diego, California August, 2011 &hellip;. </strong>Equator Audio Research, recognized globally as a leading manufacturer of highly accurate studio reference monitors for mission critical recording applications, is pleased to announce that production began on July 15th and that customer orders are now being fu...

by Paul de Benedictis On 08/02/2011

<strong>EDMESTON, NY - August 1, 2011 - </strong>Award-winning Canadian mix engineer <strong>George Seara</strong> has created a complete <strong>Dangerous Music</strong> equipped studio featuring <strong>Dangerous 2-Bus</strong> analog summing, <strong>Monitor ST/SR</strong> stereo and surround monitor control, <strong>DAC ST</strong> for playback of digital sources, and the new <strong>Dangerous BAX EQ</strong> for tone shaping on featured tracks or the mix buss. &ldquo;Put it this way: Before the Dangero...

by On 08/01/2011

Hollywood, CA (July 27, 2011)&ndash;Guitar legend Steve Vai has added British Audio Engineering (BAE) mic preamps and EQ to his stage and studio equipment.

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