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This section of Electronic Musician, "The Wire," contains original press releases that reflect the views of the industry organizations issuing them. Releases are not reviewed or edited by Electronic Musician editorial staff. Suppliers, The Wire is "A Virtual Press Conference." For access, email your name and email address to
by Travis McGee On 12/27/2012

HARMAN’s JBL Professional Loudspeakers and Crown Amplifiers

by Philip Weiss On 12/27/2012

HARMAN’s JBL Professional Loudspeakers and BSS Audio Components

by Travis McGee On 12/21/2012

HARMAN’s JBL VTX Series Line Arrays and Crown Amplifiers

by Joe DiBenedetto On 12/19/2012

PixelFLEX, designer of the leading lightweight and flexible LED video curtain, announced today the relocation of its business operations from Memphis to Nashville. The move, to 700 Cowan Street in Nashville, was made to better service the music industry and church market.  

by Seth Buchwalter On 12/19/2012

Gavin Harrison Chooses HARMAN’s Premium Microphones

by Daniel O'Connell On 12/19/2012

HARMAN Acquires Entertainment Lighting Company Martin Professional

by Philip Weiss On 12/17/2012

HARMAN’s Crown Amplifiers

by Travis McGee On 12/17/2012

HARMAN’s Studer Compact Remote Bay

by Travis McGee On 12/12/2012

HARMAN’s JBL Loudspeakers

by Clyne Media, Inc On 12/12/2012

— REDD.17 and REDD.37-.51 plugins truly deliver the enhanced dimension, richness and depth of the original coveted classic consoles —

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