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Hal Leonard and Worship Musician Present The Worship Guitar Book

Hal Leonard Publishes The Worship Guitar Book

Doug Doppler’s inspirational guide to the goods, the gear and the gifting for the worship

Montclair, NJ (May 21, 2013) – With the release of The Worship Guitar Book, acclaimed guitar talent and
music industry expert Doug Doppler has written the most comprehensive guide for today’s worship
guitarists. Being an accomplished musician and a true worshipper himself, he understands the challenges
that worship guitarists face every day, and provides answers and help for those who want to express their
love for God through the gift of music.

The book offers practical advice on spiritual, musical, technical and practical topics for beginning worship
guitarists and seasoned worship pastors alike. Doppler demonstrates practice routines and rehearsal
techniques designed to mold readers into excellent guitarists while showing them how to blend high musical
standards with a heart that’s pure and ready to worship God. Today’s most influential and experienced
music ministers, such as Phil Keaggy, Ben Kasica (Skillet), Jeffrey Kunde (Jesus Culture), Kendall Combes
(Charlie Hall), Keith Gassette (Deluge), Michael Guy Chislett (Hillsong), Ray Badham (Hillsong), and others
share their insight, not only in regards to leading their congregation, but also on how they have achieved
success and managed to keep their humility by staying close to their faith and their church.

The Worship Guitar Book also features interviews with equipment manufacturers to provide in-depth
information on gear and technology best suited for Houses of Worship, and conversations with musical
heavy-weights such as Rob Lewis (Musical Director for Babyface, Christina Aguilera, P. Diddy, and Patti
LaBelle), on how to create masterful music and lead inspired teams.

Each chapter ends with a consideration, some spiritual and some practical in nature, as well as a short list
of questions inviting the reader to think through the subject on his own terms and to apply the learned to his
unique situation.

The Worship Guitar Book is nothing short of the “bible” for its field. Written content is brought to life via
the included DVD-ROM which features over two hours of video and audio content. The text also includes
numerous QR Codes, further allowing the reader to experience visually and audibly the exercises and
technology explained in the book. Doppler doesn’t leave anything on the table and delivers musical and
technical knowledge as well as the inspiration to serve both God and your congregation better than ever

About the Author
With his Bible in one hand and his guitar in the other, Doug Doppler embodies Christian heart and soul
combined with musical passion and fire. Known as a true worshipper, he is also an acclaimed guitar talent.
Doppler has an album out on Steve Vai’s Favored Nations label, and he is also a highly regarded studio
musician, most notably for his work on the Guitar Hero video game series. He also specializes in producing
audio and video demos for manufacturers, including Dunlop/MXR, Line 6, Orange Amps, and Tech21. is his latest project, featuring demos for hundreds of pieces of gear. Doppler is a member
of Bay City Church in the San Francisco Bay Area. More information about this book at

The Worship Guitar Book
$19.99 (US)
Inventory #HL 00333866
ISBN: 9781458491206
Width: 8.5", Length: 11.0", 312 pages, accompanying DVD included

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