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by    Heather J. Davis    on    10/30/2012

WEBSTER, NEW YORK – OCTOBER 2012: In response to steady growth in domestic and international sales of its uniquely cost-effective, powerful, and reliable signal processors and amplifiers, Ashly Audio has created a new position, Director of Marketing Communications, and appointed industry veteran Anthony Errigo to fill it. Errigo will support the sales team and will oversee all communications, ranging from advertising and social media to web development and creative applications for mobile marketing. In addition, he will serve as Ashly’s brand custodian and will assist with product ...

by    Heather J. Davis    on    10/30/2012

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON – OCTOBER 2012: Symetrix announces the promotion of Zak Dewey from Project Coordinator & Test Engineer to Engineering Manager. In his new position, Dewey will report to Symetrix CEO Paul Roberts. He will coordinate company efforts to ensure that the engineering team has all of the resources it needs to research and develop innovative new products while maintaining the high quality and value for which Symetrix is known. It will be Dewey’s responsibility to sustain the rapid pace at which Symetrix introduces market-changing product lines, such as Jupiter app ...

by    Philip Weiss    on    10/26/2012

HARMAN’s dbx Components Help Enable Phillip Freeman Realize His Musical Aspirations

by    Travis McGee    on    10/26/2012

 HARMAN’s JBL LSR4300 Series Studio Monitors

by    Travis McGee    on    10/26/2012

HARMAN’s JBL Loudspeakers are Clear Winners at Presidential Debates

by    Travis McGee    on    10/26/2012

Soundcraft Si Performer

by    Nancy Waters    on    10/26/2012

When Discovery Channel's MythBusters set out to test the claim that subaudible low-frequency sounds near 19 Hz can instill feelings of discomfort, dread, and even outright terror, they turned to Meyer Sound and Dr. Roger Schwenke, the company's staff scientist and honorary MythBuster, for assistance.

by    Nancy Waters    on    10/26/2012

At the ultimate beach party in Florida, DeLuna Fest, Blackhawk Audio demonstrated how its brand new Meyer Sound LEO system delivered what it was built for: to carry a whole new level of musical fidelity and impact for long distances.

by    Daniel O'Connell    on    10/26/2012

Institutes Direct

by    Travis McGee    on    10/26/2012

Studer Broadcast Academy

by    Travis McGee    on    10/25/2012

Soundcraft “Mixing with Professionals” Series

by    Josh Rosen    on    10/25/2012



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