ATTLAS To Release 'Scene' August 7

Mau5trap Artist Debuts Second EP

Typically obscured from public eye, the notoriously camera-shy ATTLAS returns August 7 with SCENE, his second EP for mau5trap. Today July 24, fans get their first listen of the enigmatic Canadian producer's new selection of work via instant grat "Wastaga." The EP is available for pre-order now at:

Listen to ATTLAS' "Wastaga" at:

In November of 2014, ATTLAS surfaced to relevancy with his heavily sought after remix of deadmau5' "Aural Synapse." The track caused a tidal wave of speculation, and ATTLAS would originally be thought as the side project of deadmau5 himself. The speculation ended though when the project was officially 'outed' by Pete Tong, announcing Jeff Hartford as the man behind the curiosity that was ATTLAS.

Within months from the announcement, ATTLAS would release several tracks on mau5trap along with his debut EP Siren, and ultimately stir a culture that has been longing for creativity and a new sound. In effect, the momentum of the producer's career has been quick, but comes with no surprise, as ATTLAS has been unanimously described since the beginning, completely original at a time when originality is in short supply.

Scene EP Track Listing:

1. Batch
2. Lighthouse
3. Rasor
4. Beside
5. Wastaga
6. Crane