Audified has announced MixChecker Pro, featuring a user interface with the same elegance as the original MixChecker but with many new features that simulate surroundings and devices.

The new device Simulations include Studio, Live Sound/PA, Computer Audio, Laptop Speakers, and Tablet among others. Seamless switching between them is possible because the overall gain of all devices has been normalized to the same objective loudness using an algorithm derived from the LKFS (Loudness, K-weighted, relative to Full Scale) loudness standard designed to enable normalization of audio levels for delivery of broadcast TV and other video.

The newly added Simulated environments include Exterior Street 1, Exterior Street 2, Exterior Park 1, Exterior Park 2, Exterior Playground, Exterior Station 1, Exterior Station 2, Exterior Subway, Interior Bar, Interior Bus 1, Interior Bus 2, Interior Car 1, Interior Car 2, and Interior Mall.

While the original MixChecker only simulated the linear behavior of the devices, MixChecker Pro adds the modeling of nonlinear behavior and completely rewrites the original signal processing code to achieve phase linearity, lower latency, and better resolution in all parts of the frequency spectrum.

Technicalities aside, Audified says that MixChecker Pro is as easy to use as the original MixChecker. 

MixChecker Pro is available to purchase at $199 from Audified’s online shop

MixChecker Pro can be directly downloaded as a multi-format (AAX, AU, VST2, VST3), 32- and 64-bit native plug-in for MacOS (10.9 and above) and Windows (7, 8, and 10), alongside a fully-functional, 30-day trial version from Audified.

For more in-depth information, visit the MixChecker Pro webpage.