CeeLo Green Releases Long-Awaited iOS and Android Mobile Game

'CeeLo’s Joyride' Takes Fans and Gamers Behind the Wheel and onto the Mean Streets
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CEELO’S JOYRIDE Takes Fans and Gamers Behind the Wheel and onto the Mean Streets, With a Portion of Proceeds going to Atlanta’s GreenHouse Foundation

For two years, prior to news of industry-shifting mobile games from celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Tom Hanks and Katy Perry, CEELO GREEN, the unmistakable entertainer, producer, fashion-icon and entrepreneur has been hard at work on CEELO’S JOYRIDE, available today as a free download from the Apple App Store and Google Play. Designed to put players in control of CeeLo’s favorite “shiny, shiny” cars, the game begins in the artist’s hometown of Atlanta, Georgia. Players are challenged to navigate CeeLo through 10 progressively difficult levels, representing a day in his life on the way to a hometown performance. Complete all 10 levels, and players will unlock a new, surprise music video from CeeLo, never before seen outside the game.

“I know for a fact that sometimes your dreams are only a joyride away, and this has been a guidepost for us throughout the creative process on CeeLo’s Joyride,” said CeeLo Green. “If my fans enjoy playing the game as much as I do, folks are going to be having a real good time—until they crash!”

To formally announce the release today in the game’s setting of Atlanta, CeeLo, in partnership with his GreenHouse Foundation, is surprising a group of deserving, underserved teens with an actual #JOYRIDE through the city, en route to a private concert. Collectively with his business partners in the mobile game, Green has chosen to allocate a portion of the game’s profits to the foundation.

CEELO’s JOYRIDE features background music from the artist’s fifth studio album, Heart Blanche, and is reminiscent of classic driving games like Hill Climb while blending elements of level-based games like Mario Brothers. Players are asked to use gas and brake pedals to navigate increasingly treacherous terrain, beating tim
e races and completing challenges to get CeeLo to a performance on time. Collecting diamonds along the way allows players to upgrade to over-the-top vehicles waiting for them in CeeLo’s garage. Inside his virtual recording studio, players unlock badges and earn in-game achievements as they work toward viewing the game’s surprise music video. Set in his hometown, the game paints a picture of CeeLo’s Atlanta, featuring locations and challenges that are meaningful and real for the artist, all set to custom sound effects and voiceovers recorded specifically for the game.

“A common trend in the emerging celebrity mobile games space is a continuation of the illusions of being a celebrity,” said HyperPower Game Group Co-Founder and CEO, Clark Nesselrodt “We wanted CeeLo’s Joyride to give players a real sense of what a day might be like with this incredibly unique artist as he gets ready to perform for his hometown fans and family.”

CEELO’s JOYRIDE is produced by HyperPower Game Group, the licensed mobile game production startup founded with support from Green’s management company, Primary Wave. The group has previously produced titles on behalf of iconic rocker Melissa Etheridge, world-renowned acrobat Nik Wallenda and Discovery Channel’s Deadliest Catch. The game was developed and funded in partnership with Nestrix Studios, which develops mobile apps and games that balance great coding and user experiences with visual art and storytelling. Storylines for the game were developed and written for CeeLo by creative director, John Colombo.

“The greatest challenge was to create engaging and fun levels, cars and characters for CeeLo’s fans while also prioritizing the fun and fast mobile game engine that allows for fluent storytelling and engagement in the game,” describes Nestrix Studio’s Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer, René Mouynes.

The free-to-play mobile game is available now for iOS from the App Store and for Android from Google Play, and offers in-app-purchases. More information on the game including future updates and new cities can be found at ceelosjoyride.com. For information on CeeLo Green, please visit ceelogreen.com. To celebrate the game’s release, CeeLo has also created a playlist of his favorite driving tunes, available on SPOTIFY by visiting:http://smarturl.it/JoyRidePlaylist

Join the conversation online with #JOYRIDE and provide easy linking to the game’s via http://ceelosjoyride.com.


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