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Classic EM: Rick Allen's MIDI Kit, 1988

Excerpt from the Electronic Musician archives
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In “MIDI Meets Metal: Def Leppard Goes High Tech” (March 1988), Jay Savel profiled Def Leppard’s touring technology, which was built around drummer Rick Allen’s state-of-the-art MIDI kit that allowed him to play with one arm. “Rick and I sat down and discussed how we were going to approach using this kit and decided that we would try to keep it simple,” explained longtime FOH engineer Robert Scovill. “By that, I mean we would try to sample a really good-sounding kit, maybe with a few slightly different snare drums, and then use some external triggering in the house to augment it. This would make life for the monitor engineer easier, and also give it some consistency in the all-too-inconsistent atmosphere of very ambient arenas.”

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