Classic EM: Robert Fripp, June 1987

Interview excerpt from the Electronic Musician archives
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When we caught up with Robert Fripp in 1987, he was in semi-retirement for the second time, conducting guitar craft seminars at Claymont Court, a decaying mansion in West Virginia, where we interviewed him in front of 30 students, and Fripp waxed philosophical on the limits of technology:

EM: Bill Bruford said that when you formed King Crimson, you wanted to do something very new, and part of that newness was that you all had new instruments. You and Adrian Belew had guitar synths; Tony Levin played the Chapman Stick.

Fripp: My interest in new technology is new music, but people will rarely thank you for interrupting their playing habits. They will maybe allow you to interrupt their playing habits for six to 12 months, and then there will be a change. And they might thank you years later, but at the time, they won’t thank you.