Enya Shares Official Video for 'Echoes in Rain'

'Dark Sky Island' Out Now to Critical Acclaim
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Dark Sky Island Out Now to Critical Acclaim

Watch the official video for "Echoes In Rain":

Critical acclaim for Dark Sky Island:

"...the environments generated by her records are still singular, a gentle, untroubled, indefinite ambience that is very soothing to inhabit. It's like being embraced by the air." (7.1/10)

- Pitchfork

"Maybe the appeal of Enya isn't precisely anything to do with her, or Ireland, or her castle, although all of those things provide a fitting container. Rather, the appeal is something like nostalgia - for a moment in your own life, perhaps, but even more likely, for a time that you might not even have experienced, that maybe no one has. It's a distant, romantic, fictive land."

- Buzzfeed

"With her serene effortless voice and lulling orchestral arrangements... [Dark Sky Island] features the lush strings, harps, and choral arrangements you'd expect to find on any Enya work of proper form."

- New York Times

"Enya's heavenly comeback"

- Entertainment Weekly

"Maybe Enya can soothe a weary, overworked, smartphone-addicted, EDM-exhausted populace with her Latin chants and Gaelic grace... she's back, and as the woman herself would say, Hallelujah."

- The Atlantic


- GQ

"The music is relaxing. It's depressing and, at times, joyful. It is meditative and it is self-reflective. It covers the full span of the emotional canon."

- The Talkhouse

"Enya, your favorite Irish mystic, is...back Friday with her first release in seven years - the gentle, soothing Dark Sky Island."

- Mashable

"Her voice is warm and soft, gentle like a spring breeze..."

- Yahoo!

"Enya returns with ethereal style she's made her own"

- Associated Press

"The Irish songstress has managed to carve a unique spot for herself in the industry... [through] her ambient, ethereal music."

- Huffington Post

"The haunting ["So I Could Find My Way"] bears all the hallmarks of the Irish singer's music: Enya's ethereal vocals, a cinematic bed of sound making up the track and poetic lyrics."

- Idolator

"The Celtic queen is back! ...Sounds like the Enya we know and love!"

- Perez Hilton

"Enya's timing is perfect. "Dark Sky Island" (Warner Bros.), her first album in seven years, arrives in a chaotic, increasingly violent time, following the terrorist attacks in Paris. Enya's lush, peaceful soundscapes provide a much-needed balm that soothes without boring... It's what Enya does best."

- Newsday

"The album sounds exactly like an Enya album, which is to say, it's definitely worth a listen. Enya's fucking great."

- Village Voice

"We [as human beings] share this unspeakable, tenuous force that connects us to each other's pain and joy. [This] important, intangible essence-that is what Enya channels into her music."

- Brooklyn Magazine

"Enya unfurls one lavish, exquisitely rendered sonic tapestry after another: the stately, poignant So I Could Find My Way; the surging lead single Echoes in Rain; the exotic waltz Sancta Maria; and the luminous finale, Diamonds in the Water."

- Fort Worth Star Telegram

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