FaltyDL Releases New µ-Ziq Remix

New EP Out November 25th

FaltyDL Releases New Remix by μ-Ziq

Listen to the Planet Mu Label Boss' Remix of “Rolling” HERE

FaltyDL's New ///I\II\\\\ EP Out November 25th on Ninja Tune

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“Lustman is blurring lines and bursting with ideas, and he’s making experimental electronic music that anybody can appreciate.” - Stereogum

“This dude grinds.” – The Fader

Drew Lustman aka FaltyDL released his fourth long player In The Wild back in August and he returns to the fray armed with a new 8-track EP with the mysterious and unpronounceable title ///I\II\\\\ on November 25th 2014. Today, Drew is excited to release the EP's remix of “Rolling” from μ-Ziq — aka Planet Mu label boss and serial innovator Mike Paradinas. Listen to the full remix here.

From the moody chug of “Greater Antilles VIP” – appearing in its original unedited glory – to Lustman’s own bruk beatdown version “Do Me” featuring vocal edits by his girlfriend (“This one is for the kids” he says), the palette here is as rich and diverse as on In The Wild. Sidling back into widescreen territory, “GA 2 Tape outcome.z130583” is the delightful result of an afternoon experimenting with what he describes as “prepared musical situations” routed and re-routed through a Tascam 4-track recorder and a battered VHS. Likewise, “M ///I\II\\\\” and “P ///I\II\\\\” are born of the same prepared piano set-up: one soft and one dark.

The reworks come direct from Lustman’s extended musical family – Planet Mu boss and serial innovator Mike Paradinas (aka μ-Ziq); Blueberry Records’ very own beats technician Brrd; and the relative newcomer E+E who resides in LA but pays homage to his Bolivian heritage, dedicated this remix to his great uncle. The overall sound is based on a style of Bolivian metal music that incorporates a breathy style of vocal with minimal music (usually fakepiano or detuned guitar): “I’ve been wanting to write a song in this specific Bolivian style for some time,” he explains.

FaltyDL – ///I\II\\\\

(Ninja Tune – November 25th)


1. Greater Antilles VIP 

2. Rolling (μ-Ziq Remix) 

3. Frontin (Brrd Remix) 

4. Do Me (Bruk Mix) 

5. Grief (E+E Remix) 

6. GA 2 Tape outcome.z130583 

7. M ///I\II\\\\ 

8. P ///I\II\\\\

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