FKA twigs and WeTransfer Studios Present Documentary 'Baltimore Dance Project'

Filmed at Baltimore's Lithuanian Hall on July 18, 2016
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photo credit: James Medina 

FKA twigs, in partnership with WeTransfer Studios, presents the heartwarming documentary film Baltimore Dance Project. Filmed at Baltimore's Lithuanian Hall on July 18, 2016, the documentary chronicles the multi-faceted artist as she calls to action a community to gather and celebrate artistic expression by dancing together. The documentary can be viewed exclusively on

The film showcases the soul and passion of the people of Baltimore, on one of the hottest days of the year and during a politically charged era, coming together to share passion and be united. Days ahead of her headlining show in Baltimore, FKA twigs used social media to let fans know she'd be holding a (free) workshop and would invite some of those dancers to join her on stage later that week. To her delight, over 400 people showed up ready to dance, have a good time and be part of something bigger; something joyful. FKA twigs, along with her collaborators Ramon Baynes, Kash Powell and Dominic Lawrence choreographed the group for over 5 hours taking them through different routines and encouraging them to add their own touch. This resulted in a unique 9.14 minute documentary , directed by longtime collaborator Nick Walker.

FKA twigs: "When I was thinking about doing a dance project, the obvious places would be LA or New York but I thought why not go to a place that obviously has so much soul and so much amazing energy? You'll be able to connect with them rather than being another artist that is passing through."

A trailer of the film premiered with the Baltimore Sun. The Baltimore dance community got the exclusive premiere of the film at Lithuanian Hall, where Twigs surprised the dancers with a personal video message.

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