Gail Zappa, 1945-2015

Frank Zappa's Widow Passed October 7 in Los Angeles

Gail Zappa, widow of Frank Zappa and trustee of the Zappa Family Trust, passed away October 7 in Los Angeles. Zappa was 70. According to numerous reports, she had been battling illness for an extended time.

"Gail will forever be identified as a key figure in the creative renaissance that is Laurel Canyon," said a statement from the Zappa Family Trust. "[She] passionately advocated to establish clear definitions of intellectual property and copyright laws on behalf of not just her husband, but all artists...But more than any singular accomplishment, she defined herself in her personal relationships, happiest when surrounded by loved ones and artists, often one in the same. The memories she leaves behind are indeed her own art form. Her searing intelligence, unforgettable smile, wild thicket of hair, and trailing black velvets leave a blur in her wake."

Gail and Frank Zappa married in 1967 and had four children together —Diva, Moon, Ahmet, and Dweezil. Frank Zappa dies in 1993, at the age of 52.

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